including AOI

Backplane X-Ray Test including AOI
The only robotic testers designed specifically for backplanes


Colour Automatic Optical Inspection and High Resolution Automatic X-ray Inspection in one machine.

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Key Features

  • Combined AOI + X-ray in one machine – automatically distinguishes between bent pins above and below a connector shell.
  • Press fit connector faults – Bent under compliant pins, crushed pins, missing pins on connectors including Zipline and Xcede complexity.
  • Bent pin detection – Optical mating pin tip position detection down to <100μm positional error.
  • Component inspection –Missing component, component orientation, component value, and damaged component detection.
  • Solder joint inspection – Solder profile, solder area and void area detection on SMT components down to 0201, dual-in-line packages down to VSOP, quad-in-line down to lead less QFN and MLP.
  • Tests Double-sided boards – standard 1.4m x 700mm (up to 1.6m x 1m) - typical test times are 3  – 10 minutes           
  • Full robotic control of X-ray source and Camera position – allows features to be imaged at multiple angles.
  • 3D imaging for detailed fault analysis.
  • Fast programming – common suite to other RoBAT products.
  • Detailed fault printout – to pass to repair person