Fixtureless Test

including AOI

Backplane Fixtureless Test including AOI
From the only company focusing exclusively on today’s complex backplanes


Automatic Optical Inspection and Automatic fixtureless electrical test in one machine.

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Key Features

State of the art fully automated optical inspection (AOI) system plus a fixtureless, fully automated electrical test (ATE) system optimised for the automatic detection of backplane PCB assembly faults.

  • Uses 128 pin modules for fast test – can be spring probes or mating connector
  • Combined AOI + electrical test in one machine – find all the faults on one machine.
  • Measures Continuity, Isolation + analogue components
  • Tests every type of backplane – small/large, simple/complex – There are no pin pitch or pin quantity limits
  • Tests every type of connector – fine pitch signal to heavy power connectors
  • Tests Double-sided boards – standard 1.4m x 700mm (up to 1.6m x 1m)
  • Very fast to changeover product types – 5 minutes
  • Has very low tooling (fixture) cost – averages < $700
  • Programmable 50-1500V isolation test for 16 fixed + 2 moving probes
  • Guard point testing for 2 terminal analogue components
  • A very fast test time – typically 4 – 15 minutes
  • Easy to program and commission – typically < 2 days to complete – common suite with other RoBAT sytems.
  • Expandable to other test options – e.g. Eprom Programming
  • Easy to modify for product changes
  • Off-line Graphical Repair station
  • Proves to your customer that every board has been tested
  • Prevents any faults reaching your customers