Pin Depth Measurement


Backplane Pin Depth Measurement
The only robotic testers designed specifically for backplanes


The RoBAT PDM is a test platform designed to check connector pin depths on high speed nets in backplanes.

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Pin fault detection is becoming increasingly complex

Higher speed signals has increased the need for shrouded press-fit connectors in backplane assemblies. Crushed and bent pins, whilst possibly passing continuity tests, cannot be detected by traditional test methods, such as X-Ray. The PDM testing approach of physically probing the back of the connectors can detect such anomalies.

Key Features

  • Very fast changeover of product types  < 5 minutes
  • Has very low tooling (fixture) cost – averages < $1000
  • Easy to program and commission – typically < 2 days to complete
  • Common suite with other RoBAT systems.
  • Easy to modify for product changes
  • Off-line Graphical Repair station
  • Expandable to other test options – e.g. EPROM Programming
  • Proves to your customer that every board has been tested
  • Prevents faults reaching your customers


  • The PDM provides telecom customers with a cost effective and time efficient way to decrease returns of faulty products. 
  • The PDM helps customers to accurately test products during production so that even intermittently faulty boards are identified.