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RoBAT is a privately owned technology company and leading supplier of specialised automatic test equipment for various sectors of the PCB industry. Our equipment combines many test functions, such as Electrical, Mechanical, AOI, X-ray and High Speed. RoBAT’s headquarters are in the UK, with support operations in China, South East Asia and the USA.

RoBAT aims to provide and support integrated test solutions anywhere in the world, to the highest engineering standards and at a cost-effective price. We offer our customers the advantages of a global supplier, providing leading edge robotic solutions and the expertise of a seasoned ATE partner. Our success in ensuring customer satisfaction is demonstrated by the long list of world-class customers who have relied on RoBAT since 2001. Whether it’s a standard system or a highly customized solution, our customers know they are receiving the most reliable, highest performance products available.

RoBAT is continues to invest heavily as it develops new products; over 30% of the team at RoBAT work within our design and development department. Our employees are the main reason for our success. We are driven by professional engineers who have a deep desire to work at the leading edge of their profession, deliver outstanding services, and therefore pursue excellence. RoBAT carefully selects, develops and trains its work-force to help the company maintain its current leadership and to expand that leadership into new areas.

We are also committed to the success of our customers. The objective of our worldwide customer service and support organisation is to ensure our customers gain the maximum benefit from our products. Our goal is to deliver expertise and problem-solving skills when and where customers need them most. To do this, RoBAT has created a dedicated team of application and service engineers around the world.